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San Antonio, Texas June 25 - 26, 2010

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I hope everyone had a terrific time in Las Vegas for the reunion.


It's time to start sharing those reunion photos! I've set up an email box for people to start sending in photos, or if you have set up your own photo gallery on the web somewhere send a link to it that I can put on the site.


Start sending those photos to alconbury@texastull.com


Thanks to those that have sent in photos. I'm starting to put them out here on the web, so keep checking back as I put more and more out there.


Susan did such a good job on the slide show she presented at the reunion. Those who attended received a copy on CD. I have worked out a solution to deliver the slideshow here to everyone with sound as it should be. I've put the link to the slideshow back on below.


Please continue using the guest book as a way to keep in touch with fellow classmates. The link to the guestbook is at the bottom of the page.



A HUGE thank you to Susan Sprinkle for all her efforts in making this reunion a reality!

John ('82)


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As you all know, I had stated previously that all monies leftover after the reunion, as well as those donated at the All-Class Reunion, will be given to the Iraq Star Foundation (www.iraqstar.org), which is a National Foundation that helps wounded veterans get access to the best surgeons in the world in an effort to get their lives back to as normal as possible.  I am pleased to announce that we raised $600, and I will be sending a check to the founder, Maggie Lockridge, on behalf of the Alconbury Alumni.


I want to thank each and every one of you for donating to this cause.  I heard from Maggie and she extends her immense gratitude "in making something very special" happen.  She mentioned how our donation will be most helpful, as she is planning a trip to San Antonio, Texas, to visit troops who were badly burned in blasts in Iraq and have no faces.  A sobering thought when you think you are having a bad day. 


A special thank you to Pat Arendell ('85) for helping me with the fundraiser--I appreciate it.   


God bless you all and please continue to pray for our troops--especially the wounded and their families.



 Please take time to read a letter from the founder of Iraq Star!  Again,
thank you all for donating to this worthy cause!  The Iraq Star Foundation
(www.iraqstar.org) helps wounded veterans get access to the best surgeons in
the world in an effort to get their lives back to as normal as possible.
The donation was made on behalf of the Alconbury Alumni.  Many thanks!



Susan ('87)


 Class of 1982 - 25 Years


Class of 1987 - 20 Years




Cheers, everyone! 



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